[Taxacom] Seeking specimen data: can we help you mobilize?

David Bloom dbloom at vertnet.org
Mon Apr 18 11:36:50 CDT 2016

What can lichens tell us about air quality over time?  How does human
activity affect the health of our aquatic and terrestrial habitats?  What
are the most likely transmission vectors of the Hantavirus?

These questions and more can be answered by natural history collections.
Scientists, educators, and policy-makers use data from natural history
collections every day to tackle the most pressing questions of our time.
Data published by museum collections and aggregated by data portals such as
iDigBio, GBIF, and VertNet have become an essential resource for answering
important scientific and societal questions.

Are your data contributing to this essential research?  We want to help you
and your data to become an active part of the vibrant biodiversity
data-sharing community.  We want your data to contribute to the next great
breakthrough or solution to a global issue.

We can help you to:


   Expand the exposure and use of your data through inclusion in
   biodiversity data portals around the world,

   Improve the quality of your data and your local databases,

   Register your collection with GBIF,

   Receive reports detailing how many people have discovered your data and
   what data they are looking for, and,

   Get feedback from the people who use your data.

iDigBio and VertNet have been helping collections to mobilize their data
for years.  Collectively, we’ve published more than 300 million occurrence
records, and we want to help your collection contribute to this important

We’ll work with you regardless of your knowledge, experience, or collection
size.  All you need is a collection of biodiversity data and a desire to
realize the potential of your data. We will do the rest.

If you’re ready to make your data a part of the solution or just want to
learn more about what it means to mobilize, please contact us.  We’re
looking forward to welcoming you into our community.

David Bloom, dbloom at vertnet.org and Joanna McCaffrey,
jmccaffrey at flmnh.ufl.edu

David Bloom
VertNet Coordinator/iDigBio Data Mobilization Specialist

Phone: +01 510 859 7773
Email: dbloom at vertnet.org
Skype: dabblepop
Hangouts: dbloom at vertnet.org

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