[Taxacom] Nomenclatural works on CD (2000-2012)

Judith Winston judithewinston at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 15:32:58 CDT 2016

Dear TAXACOMers,

The Fourth Edition of the *International Code of Zoological Nomenclature*
was published in 1999 and was in effect from 2000 on. One of the changes it
included in Chapter 3, Criteria of Publication was the following:

Article 8.6 *Works produced after 1999 by a method that does not employ
printing on paper.*  For a work produced after 1999 by a method other than
printing on paper to be accepted as published within the meaning of the
Code, it must contain a statement that copies (in the form in which it is
published) have been deposited in at least 5 major publicly accessible
libraries which are identified by name in the work itself.

Since all-electronic publication was not allowed until 2013, this rule
mainly applies to works on CD or DVD. In retrospect the decision to allow
CD publications was a mistake – but in 1999 when the decision was made,
many publications were using the CD format, and the whole realm of
electronic publication we have today had barely started to expand.

One of the subjects that came up during the Berlin meeting of the ICZN and
IUBS in December, 2015 was the problem of discovering how many works on CD
containing nomenclatural acts were published during that time period
[2000-2012] and what was being done to archive them by recipient
libraries. Tracing them has turned out to be difficult. I have not been
able to trace them on World Cat or Zoological Record and the libraries I’ve
contacted so far have not cataloged these CDs, if they even kept them,
unless they were part of a serial that was published on CD.

If any taxonomist reading this published a work containing a nomenclatural
act or acts on CD between 2000 and 2012, or know of the existence of such
works published by colleagues, please let me know what they are and provide
the names of libraries to which they were sent (that information was
supposed to be included on the CD). We would like to develop a complete
list of these works and a system for archiving and updating them as
technology changes.  Please send any information you might have on such
works to me at judithewinston at gmail.com


Dr. Judith E. Winston

Smithsonian Marine Station,

701 Seaway Drive

Fort Pierce, Florida 34949


International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature

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