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Lynn Raw lynn at afriherp.org
Thu Dec 1 01:50:15 CST 2016


You might like to look into Specify  ( http://specifyx.specifysoftware.org ) as a possible solution. I have no connection with this software other than as a user who makes use of only a small fraction of its capabilities.


Lynn Raw

> On 1 Dec 2016, at 04:36, Barry Roth <barry_roth at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Colleagues,
> For over a decade I have used the CSIRO program BioLink to curate taxonomic, specimen, biogeographic, and bibliographic information.  CSIRO long ago stopped supporting the program, but I have found it useful and by now have committed a great amount of information to the system.  My most recent change of computers, however, has got me into Windows 10, on which BioLink will not run -- unless I am missing some hack that will allow it to do so.
> Do you have any suggestion for another piece of software that would work for these same tasks?  I back up the BioLink content into a giant Excel spreadsheet regularly so the data is literally preserved, but this or course does not have the relational aspects of BioLink nor its reporting capabilities.  I need to be able to track collection specimens (and institutions, or course), with their usual data; localities georeferenced; a flexible taxonomy that can be edited (e.g. by drag-and-drop) as science marches ahead; references; and pretty much all the types of information that practical taxonomy requires us to manage.
> An alternative that would not require me to enter all my saved information piecemeal would be best, of course.
> All thoughts welcome,
> Barry
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