[Taxacom] early floras with distribution maps

Michael Heads m.j.heads at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 21:48:47 CST 2016

Dear Colleagues,

I'm looking for published  floras or faunas that include distribution maps
for all the species. Are there any earlier than Aubreville 1967 Flora of
New Caledonia?

Michael Heads

Dunedin, New Zealand.

My books:

*Biogeography and evolution in New Zealand. *Taylor and Francis/CRC, Boca
Raton FL. September 2016.

*Biogeography of Australasia:  A molecular analysis*. Cambridge University
Press, Cambridge. 2014. www.cambridge.org/9781107041028

*Molecular panbiogeography of the tropics. *University of California Press,
Berkeley. 2012. www.ucpress.edu/book.php?isbn=9780520271968

*Panbiogeography: Tracking the history of life*. Oxford University Press,
New York. 1999. (With R. Craw and J. Grehan).

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