[Taxacom] type collections

Rick McNeill juniper.botany at gmail.com
Mon Jan 4 13:02:24 CST 2016

I have a question about types.

I have taxon on which I am working.  It is known from one location and the
highest number of plants found at any time was around 50.

I took high resolution images of the plants and collected 10 at the end of
the season. I wrote a description from those plants and images.  I then
attempted to send the collection to another researcher and it was lost.  I
went back the next year and made another collection, but none of the plants
were in fruit or flower.  The description was not written or expanded from
these plants because they did not have all of the characters.

Should the second collection be designated as a neotype or a holotype?
Should the images be included as part of the type?


Richard McNeill
Feral Botanist
juniper.botany at gmail.com
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