[Taxacom] Ambrosia Herbarium Samples

Péter Poczai peter.poczai at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 11:26:02 CST 2016

Dear Taxacomers,

I'm looking for herbarium specimens from the following species of Ambrosia.
They seem to be rare and I can't find them anywhere. Does anybody know
existing specimens where I could obtain leaf segments for DNA analysis?

*Here is the list:*

1. Ambrosia cordifolia (A.Gray) W.W.Payne
2. Ambrosia diversifolia (Piper) Rydb. (Syn: Ambrosia artemisiifolia ssp.
3. Ambrosia johnstoniorum Henrickson 4. Ambrosia tacorensis Meyen 5.
Ambrosia tarapacana Phil.
6. Ambrosia villosissima Forssk.


Péter Poczai, PhD
Curator, Botany Unit
Finnish Museum of Natural History
PO Box 7 University of Helsinki
FI-00014 Helsinki

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