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Geoff Read gread at actrix.gen.nz
Fri Jan 22 18:10:12 CST 2016

I too had found the Landcare Research announcement earlier in the week
difficult to interpret as to importance, divorced of background and
history as it was, and not having heard of a ICZN SG role before now
(seemingly left vacant at times). Elsewhere I was met with zero
information available from the ICZN, or any other news release anywhere. A

A secretary-general is normally paid, and is thought to be the most
significant and highest profile leader in many organisations (the United
Nations, FIFA, etc), regardless of any elected presidential role
coexisting. There was no reason to asssume the ICZN role (still unclear to
me) was greatly different.

Congratulations to Zhi-Qiang Zhang anyway.

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Well, as usual, we seem to have a conflicting mishmash of information from
various sources. At least I did cite a source. If that source in
misleading and/or incorrect, then that doesn't reflect on me. It does
however seem odd that [quote]One of his top priorities in his new job
would be to ensure the commission’s long term viability[unquote] if there
is actually no such thing and/or there he has no power for decision making
in order to achieve this "top priority"!

OK, so I retract my use of the term "head of" and congratulate him instead
for being appointed to a tedious fund-raising administrative role with no
decision making power!


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