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Roderic Page Roderic.Page at glasgow.ac.uk
Mon Jan 25 17:40:25 CST 2016

Some members of the list may recall a little tool I built a decade ago called "iSpecies" which was a quick and dirty ate empty to build a web page for any species automatically. Eventually I took it offline but now it's back! You can try it at <http://ispecies.org> <http://ispecies.org> <http://ispecies.org> <http://ispecies.org> <http://ispecies.org> <http://ispecies.org> <http://ispecies.org> <http://ispecies.org> <http://ispecies.org> <http://ispecies.org> <http://ispecies.org> <http://ispecies.org> <http://ispecies.org> http://iSpecies<http://ispecies.org>.org<http://ispecies.org> and for a live example try http://ispecies.org/?q=Trogon

This is not much more than a toy, but the new version shows a map (GBIF), some pictures (EOL), references (CrossRef), and a phylogeny (Open Tree of Life). Comments and suggestions welcome as always.



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