[Taxacom] valid species name question

John Grehan calabar.john at gmail.com
Sun Jan 31 12:48:57 CST 2016

I would be grateful if anyone could clarify, with respect to the excerpt
below, which species name is being represented as the correct name -
whether Sonchus imbricatus or Sonchus bourgeaui. It is not obvious to me,
probably due to my lack of familiarity with formal taxonomic style.

Thanks.John Grehan

3a. Sonchus imbricatus Svent. (1960)
Accepted name: Sonchus bourgeaui Sch. Bip. var. imbricatus
(Svent.) Boulos (1973, p. 163).
Protologue: ‘ ‘ Archipielagus Canariensis in parva insula
“ Roque del Este ” dicta, ubi legi cum fl ore et fructu die
16 Aprilis 1954. Valde rara ’ ’ .
Type: ‘ ‘ In parva insula “ Roque del Este ” dicta, versus 70 m
supra mare. In humosis inter rupes abruptas (locus classicus).
Plus minusve abundanter. 16-IV-1954, Sventenius ’ ’
(CAI, lectotype; Boulos 1973, p. 163), non vide. “ Parva
insula “ Roque del Este ” vulgo dicta. Habitat: in humosis
inter rupes abruptas. Plus minusve abundanter. 70 m supra
mare. Leg. 16 Aprilis 1954 ’ ’ , E. R. Sventenius (typewritten
label, ORT 9029!; isolectotype). “ Roque del Este. 16-IV-54.
 / abundante. 70 m. Sitio semi sombr í o en humus ’ ’ , E. R.
Sventenius (handwritten label; ORT 17066!; isolectotype).
Icones: Svent., Addit. Fl. Canar. 76 (1960, Table XXX).

from Mejías, J.A., Santos-Guerra, A., & Kim, S.C. 2013. Revision and
typification of names in

Canarian *Sonchus* (Asteraceae: Cichorieae) published by or based on
material from E. R. Sventenius. *Nordic Journal of Botany* 31: 734–745.

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