[Taxacom] Anyone tracking newly published names in Palaeobotany?

Tony Rees tonyrees49 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 17:49:57 CST 2016

Thanks Karen. I do recall seeing this website at some point. It is a
Russian project and should be a useful source for older names and
literature citations (such as for Rhynia,
http://fossilplants.info/names/6B3BE381-C2FE-4AD4-A763-75D073E23BFD) as
digitised from existing print compilations, although it is unclear whether
or not they are (or will be) entering new names from the ongoing primary
literature. Worth knowing, though, so thank you...

- Tony

Tony Rees, New South Wales, Australia

On 11 January 2016 at 12:03, Karen Wilson <Karen.Wilson at rbgsyd.nsw.gov.au>

> There's the fairly new project IFPNI, Tony, that aims to index all plant
> fossil names. To quote from their website http://fossilplants.info/ :
> 'Global registry of scientific names of fossil organisms covered by the
> International Code of
> Nomenclature for Algae, Fungi, and Plants (formerly International Code of
> Botanical
> Nomenclature) and International Code of Zoological Nomenclature.
> to compile
> and maintain a comprehensive literature based record of the scientific
> names of all fossil plants,
> algae, fungi, allied prokaryotic forms, protists (ambiregnal organisms)
> and microproblematica.
> 'IFPNI is a pioneering attempt to compile the names of ALL fossil forms
> whatsoever attributed to Plant
> Kingdom and to accumulate comprehensive bibliographical record of
> taxonomic literature
> containing descriptions and illustrations of fossil organisms.'
> See also papers by Ian Turner about the problem of finding fossil names -
> refs to these are in articles by Stephen McLoughlin and me in the
> Australasian Systematic Botany Newsletter, nos 1623/3 and 164 respectively:
> both online at http://www.asbs.org.au/asbs/newsletter.html
> Regards
> Karen
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> Subject: [Taxacom] Anyone tracking newly published names in Palaeobotany?
> Dear Taxacomers,
> I was wondering whether anyone knows of efforts to compile recently
> published names in palaeobotany and palynology (including plant
> microfossils such as dinoflagellates, acritarchs, etc.) that I could use as
> a source to update my IRMNG master genera list for "all life" on a rolling
> basis? Extant plants and other groups under the ICBN/ICNafp are covered by
> IPNI, Index Fungorum, AlgaeBase and CyanoDB among others, but there seems
> to be a bit of gap regarding the fossil equivalents. (Index Nominum
> Genericorum is good for genus names of fossil taxa up to around 2010 or so,
> but does not seem to be being updated very much since then).
> As an example, try looking for the new genus and species "Xuanweioxylon
> scalariforme" as published in the prominent journal Review of Palaeobotany
> and Palynology in 2013 and you will not find it indexed as a new name in
> any of the systems I have tried including those above and also the KU
> Bibliography of Paleobotany - or maybe I am not looking in the right
> places. What I am really looking for is an equivalent of IPNI (land plants)
> or ION (animal names) for fossil plants but maybe it does not exist at this
> time... so where are all the informatics folks when it comes to the palaeo
> plant world?
> Any suggestions welcome,
> Regards - Tony
> Tony Rees, New South Wales, Australia
> https://about.me/TonyRees
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