[Taxacom] Paywall our taxonomic tidbit

Peter Uetz peter at uetz.us
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Yes! — Zootaxa is probably the best deal you can get.
I paid for an open access paper in Zootaxa out of my own pocket, and this was a single author paper.

For teams, some of which may have grant money available, it is a no brainer.
Just make your papers available to everybody, not just the few lucky ones.
Especially if you believe that nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of taxonomy, sorry..., evolution :)

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> Am I unreasonable in expecting minor contributions to Zootaxa to be
> affordable for authors as open access as a convenience for their readers? 
> For instance that's USD 20 for each author in today's worst 2 page case!
> Hopefully they earn (or did) much more that per hour.
> http://www.mapress.com/j/zt/article/view/zootaxa.4066.2.5
> Happens quite frequently - what are these contributors thinking? Should we
> perhaps start a fund to help them out?
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