[Taxacom] Homo sapiens

Francisco Welter-Schultes fwelter at gwdg.de
Thu Jan 14 13:35:33 CST 2016


> we do not consider every cat that Linnaeus saw in his lifetime, or 
> every dog, or every horse, or every chicken, or every goat, or every 
> pig, as members of the type series for those species.
Not in his lifetime, but in the time that elapsed before the original 
description of those species went to the printer. Yes, I would of course 
regard all cats which Linnaeus saw personally as syntypes. As well as 
every specimen of Echinus esculentus, Haliotis tuberculata and Cantharis 
navalis. If you give me sufficient evidence that Linnaeus did see this 
animal before finishing his manuscript, I will accept it as a syntype.
Actually this is the usual procedure.



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