[Taxacom] Paywall our taxonomic tidbit

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Where do you get your “n” (reader number) from?

Here are some randomly chosen and rather obscure papers from Plos One ($1,495 a piece open access fee) published during the past 5 years:

   Cryptic Speciation Patterns in Iranian Rock Lizards Uncovered by Integrative Taxonomy
   Views: 8299 • Citations: 14 • Saves: 44

   New Metrics for Comparison of Taxonomies Reveal Striking Discrepancies among Species Delimitation Methods in Madascincus Lizards
   Views: 4076 • Citations: 35 • Saves: 106

   Evolution of Body Elongation in Gymnophthalmid Lizards: Relationships with Climate
   Views: 2487 • Citations: 6 • Saves: 36

   Multi-Locus Estimates of Population Structure and Migration in a Fence Lizard Hybrid Zone
   Views: 3244 • Citations: 4 • Saves: 39

   Estimating Ancestral Ranges: Testing Methods with a Clade of Neotropical Lizards (Iguania: Liolaemidae)
   Views: 2819 • Citations: 1 • Saves: 54

If each reader paid only $10 that would be $28,000 for the least-viewed paper and still $360 for the least-saved paper ($140 OA fee at Zootaxa).
And these are only papers from the past 5 years.

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> Mike,
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> Suppose that n people want to read a given publication. Suppose that they each must pay $100 (from public money) to the publisher in order to read it. It is quite possible that 100n is significantly less than $20/page for open access, given that no more than n people want to read it. Multiply all that by the vast number of limited interest taxonomic articles that get published every year, and the difference in cost gets even greater.
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> Stephen

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