[Taxacom] Paywall our taxonomic tidbit

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Sun Jan 17 16:41:03 CST 2016

The current system (reader pays for what they want to read) has proved workable, sustainable and accessible to date! Anyway, it isn't about that. It is about the way that open access is being lobbied for with all sorts of bogus claims about the public good. Nobody seems to be clear on who actually benefits from OA or how. As I said, one danger is that a lot of public research money will now go straight to publishers, thereby decreasing the amount of taxonomic research being undertaken. Another danger is that taxonomists without public funding will no longer be able to afford to publish. Maybe you don't care ..


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 Stephen, please explain
 your plan/idea for a workable, sustainble and
 accessible journal ecosystem. This is not a
 trap, I just want to know
 where the last 60+
 mails are leading to (a suspect nowhere...).
 good night

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