[Taxacom] two names online published - one new species

Doug Yanega dyanega at ucr.edu
Thu Jan 21 15:17:59 CST 2016

On 1/21/16 1:03 PM, Stephen Thorpe wrote:
> It is worth noting that Michael Engel did preregister his article (twice actually!) on ZooBank:
> 18 October 2015 http://zoobank.org/References/A6A94078-42E5-48B8-B602-49DA7D0523F6 [Record not publicly viewable]
> 13 November 2015 http://zoobank.org/References/ADFE8605-38F3-45C6-B686-5094367C9695
> It would therefore appear to be the fault of the journal (Cretaceous Research) editorial team that no ZooBank registration was indicated in the publication, and very unfortunate in this case since it the same taxon was apparently validly described as new by Pohl & Beutel shortly after!
It is not just this one thing that causes the name to be unavailable. 
There are *three* requirements under the present ICZN, and the Engel et 
al. online paper failed to comply with *two* of them, not just one. Note 
the following (from 

" The requirements for electronic publications are that the work be 
registered in ZooBank before it is published, that the work itself state 
the date of publication and contain evidence that registration has 
occurred, and that the ZooBank registration state both the name of an 
electronic archive intended to preserve the work and the ISSN or ISBN 
associated with the work."

The online version of this work fulfills the first of these criteria, 
but neither of the latter two.


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