[Taxacom] two names online published - one new species

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>This is ONLY an issue if the work is digital-only, which therefore accounts for only a vanishingly tiny percentage of all ZooBank registrations<

No, it is "an issue" for any online first publication. It might mean that a very large number of preregistered publications date from the print version, which means that they needn't have bothered to preregister them at all! Also, they are then open to what has in fact happened to Engel et al., i.e. someone else claiming priority.


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 > Doug (CC
 > I think we
 may have just stumbled upon a huge problem: "the
 ZooBank registration state both the name of an electronic
 archive intended to preserve the work and ..."
 > I have always assumed
 that the publisher does this, once for each journal?
 Certainly Magnolia Press does it for Zootaxa (not
 surprisingly, perhaps, since the whole electronic amendment
 is arguably optimised for Zootaxa). How many authors think
 to worry about the archive when registering articles on
 ZooBank? Bugger all! Looking at some random records on
 ZooBank, I'm now worried that a large number of them
 fail this requirement! I think we need some clarification
 here (Rich?)
 This is
 ONLY an issue if the work is digital-only, which therefore
 accounts for only a vanishingly tiny
 percentage of all ZooBank 
 If I am not mistaken, there is
 a field in the ZooBank registration form 
 where one is supposed to explicitly indicate
 the URL of the online 
 archive, and this
 field was evidently left blank in the registration for 
 the Engel at al. work. This is the
 responsibility of whoever enters the 
 into ZooBank, and not some automated process or default that
 comes via the publisher, as far as I'm
 aware - though possibly the 
 "master" ZooBank registration for any
 given journal might also indicate 
 that journal is archived online (though I see no such
 on the entry for Cretaceous
 Research at 
 expect Rich can clarify this.
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