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> Adam, kindly find for me even just one example of a ZooBank registration 
> date which has been specified by an author in a publication ... cough!
> Stephen

Sorry I cannot do that, since I do not have any papers with e-only published 
names in them here (no-one has yet published in this manner in my group).

The example you asked about assumes that the author uses the date of 
registration in Zoobank as evidence of such registration as per Article 

"be registered in the Official Register of Zoological Nomenclature (ZooBank) 
(see Article 78.2.4) and contain evidence in the work itself that such 
registration has occurred."

The example of such registration given states:
"Evidence of registration is given by stating information that would be 
known only if the registration has occurred, such as the exact date of 
registration or the registration number assigned to the work or to a new 
name or nomenclatural act introduced in the work."

Thus in the subsequent example you queried, the author chose to include the 
registration date in his work, but forgot to actually register the work on 
that date.

Remember that this is an example, and you have to assume that an author has 
chosen this method of proving he has registered the work with Zoobank. He 
could have chosen other methods stipulated in Article 8.5.3.


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