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LOL! You are right, but so am I! I am right that the example is nonsensical! Why? Because registering an online work on ZooBank after it has been published ALWAYS means that the work is unavailable earlier than the registration date. It matters not one whit whether the author stated in the work any registration date or any other sort of evidence for the preregistration that never happened! As examples go, this one is highly misleading, introducing an obvious general point by way of a specific red herring! The Code is full of such confusing nonsense.


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 > Adam,
 > OK, that makes some sense. Note however that this isn't
 an issue about 
 > "e-only published names", it is also about online first
 names, and their 
 > effective dates of publication. Back to that example,
 OK, it seems to be 
 > saying something along the lines of "if the only
 evidence that an author 
 > provides, in a work, of ZooBank preregistration, is the
 (purported) exact 
 > date of registration, but that date is incorrect, then
 the work is 
 > unavailable". However, it would be a rare (I'm not sure
 that it has ever 
 > happened?) and somewhat foolish choice for an author to
 provide only that 
 > as evidence, but, more to the point, it still seems to
 be at odds with:
 > An error in stating the evidence of
 registration does not make a 
 > work unavailable, provided that the work can be
 unambiguously associated 
 > with a record created in the Official Register of
 Zoological Nomenclature 
 > before the work was published
 > Cheers,
 > Stephen
 The whole point of the example is that he stated a
 registration date as 
 proof in the work, but totally forgot to register it at
 Zoobank until AFTER 
 publication. The important word in is "before" in
 the last sentence.
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