[Taxacom] Important note Re: two names online published - one new species

John Bain John.Bain at scionresearch.com
Mon Jan 25 01:18:22 CST 2016

This is getting very boring. Plain semantics. Please desist (yes, you.Stephen)
Sigh, John.

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Also, in the category of evidence, I draw the reader's attention to this previous post (by none other than Frank Krell) on Taxacom (Sep 12, 2012):


[Quote]I pleaded to have this [definition of "preliminary version"] clarified in the the Amendment but this was considered unnecessary for the time being - the beauty of committee work.[unquote]

Call me a "conspiracy theorist", but to me this clearly indicates dissent within the ranks of the ICZN, with recommendations from within for the greater good being ignored/suppressed! Note that Zootaxa does not publish preliminary versions, so no definition is needed!


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