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This sort of thing is good for finding what's out there, but what's out
there may be garbage - how can we balance this with adequate attention to
and support of the basic data generation and checking?  Too much
digitization is "look, our whole collection is online" and no attention to
"but 60% of the online data is flawed or worthless because the people
entering the data didn't know anything about spotting errors and no one
checked it".  (60% is based on the one case I know of when someone
carefully examined a major collection digitization - as a curator, not
getting any of the funds allocated to the digitization, and being
admonished for holding up the release of the data.  No, it wasn't me doing

On Mon, Jan 25, 2016 at 6:40 PM, Roderic Page <Roderic.Page at glasgow.ac.uk>

> Some members of the list may recall a little tool I built a decade ago
> called "iSpecies" which was a quick and dirty ate empty to build a web page
> for any species automatically. Eventually I took it offline but now it's
> back! You can try it at <http://ispecies.org> <http://ispecies.org> <
> http://ispecies.org> <http://ispecies.org> <http://ispecies.org> <
> http://ispecies.org> <http://ispecies.org> <http://ispecies.org> <
> http://ispecies.org> <http://ispecies.org> <http://ispecies.org> <
> http://ispecies.org> <http://ispecies.org> http://iSpecies<
> http://ispecies.org>.org<http://ispecies.org> and for a live example try
> http://ispecies.org/?q=Trogon
> This is not much more than a toy, but the new version shows a map (GBIF),
> some pictures (EOL), references (CrossRef), and a phylogeny (Open Tree of
> Life). Comments and suggestions welcome as always.
> Regards
> Rod
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