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The only way that this sort of thing is ever going to get beyond the stage of "garbage in, garbage out" is by allowing free and unrestricted (but moderated in case of spam) annotation. So, for example, with my "obscure moth", I might add a short note saying "this is an Australian species which is introduced in N.Z., and the only records currently diplayed on the map are mine from around Auckland". I might also give a link to more and better information (e.g. http://naturewatch.org.nz/listed_taxa/5234742)


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 Hi Lyubo,
 Yep, lots of ways to do this.
 One thing I’d like to do (apart from ad more sources) is
 integrate across the sources. rather than simply say
 “CrossRef has this, and BHL has that, and Pubmed has
 this” if they are the same papers, let’s group them
 But as I’ve
 tried to make clear, this is really a toy to show the
 absolute minimum that can be done. What I’m really after
 is  more sophisticated ways to do this, iSpecies gives me a
 baseline to compare against.
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 On 26 Jan
 2016, at 10:09, Lyubomir Penev <lyubo.penev at gmail.com<mailto:lyubo.penev at gmail.com>>
 This is just to recall that
 Pensoft Taxon Profile (PTP)  is doing very much the same
 since 2010 for any taxon name of any rank mentioned in any
 Pensoft journal (see example for, say, Trichoceridae<http://bdj.pensoft.net/articles.php?id=7610&display_type=element&element_type=7&element_id=0&element_name=Trichoceridae>).
 At that time, the creation of the PTP was largely inspired
 by uBio and iSpecies but it delivers through either APis or
 name string search information associated with taxon names
 from more than 20 trusted biodiversity resources, including:
 GBIF, EOL, NCBI, BOLD, PubMedCentral, PubMed, CrossRef,
 Google Scholar, BHL, ZooBank, IPNI, ION, Index Fungorum,
 Wikipedia, Wikispecies, invasive,org, Tropicos, IUCN, and
 some more.
 A bit outdated
 version of the tool is available also as standalone
 application at: http://ptp.pensoft.eu<http://ptp.pensoft.eu/>.
 Of course, we all know that
 this kind of tools are largely dependent on the
 providers' APIs and search interfaces and are especially
 vulnerable to changes in them. Anyway, they are useful if
 one wants to get quickly to the first-hand information on a
 taxon name through the mentioned resources.
 On Tue,
 Jan 26, 2016 at 1:40 AM, Roderic Page <Roderic.Page at glasgow.ac.uk<mailto:Roderic.Page at glasgow.ac.uk>>
 Some members of the list may recall a
 little tool I built a decade ago called "iSpecies"
 which was a quick and dirty ate empty to build a web page
 for any species automatically. Eventually I took it offline
 but now it's back! You can try it at <http://ispecies.org<http://ispecies.org/>> <http://ispecies.org<http://ispecies.org/>> <http://ispecies.org<http://ispecies.org/>> <http://ispecies.org<http://ispecies.org/>> <http://ispecies.org<http://ispecies.org/>> <http://ispecies.org<http://ispecies.org/>> <http://ispecies.org<http://ispecies.org/>> <http://ispecies.org<http://ispecies.org/>> <http://ispecies.org<http://ispecies.org/>> <http://ispecies.org<http://ispecies.org/>> <http://ispecies.org<http://ispecies.org/>> <http://ispecies.org<http://ispecies.org/>> <http://ispecies.org<http://ispecies.org/>> http://iSpecies<http://ispecies/><http://ispecies.org<http://ispecies.org/>>.org<http://ispecies.org<http://ispecies.org/>> and for a
 live example try http://ispecies.org/?q=Trogon
 This is not much more than a
 toy, but the new version shows a map (GBIF), some pictures
 (EOL), references (CrossRef), and a phylogeny (Open Tree of
 Life). Comments and suggestions welcome as always.
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