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If any experienced Wikimedia editor notices (which is probably fairly unlikely) your source (4), i.e.

"Stegommata sulfuratella on New Zealand Check List". NatureWatch NZ. Retrieved 26 January 2016.

It will be immediately deleted! This source consists merely of my own comments posted on an open edit site. Although the information is spot on 100% reliable in fact, it fails every single requirement on Wikimedia for being a reliable source! The irony is that it is rather easy to find sources which are reliable in fact, but not in theory, and sources which are reliable in theory, but not in fact. It seems to be very difficult to find a source which is both (unless it has next to nothing in the way of information content!)



PS: No, I'm not going to bother to make any of my images of the moth available for use on Wikimedia. Wikimedia is dead to me ..

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 > The only way
 that this sort of thing is ever going to get beyond the
 stage of "garbage in, garbage out" is by allowing
 free and unrestricted (but moderated in case of spam)
 annotation. So, for example, with my "obscure
 moth", I might add a short note saying "this is an
 Australian species which is introduced in N.Z., and the only
 records currently diplayed on the map are mine from around
 Auckland". I might also give a link to more and better
 information (e.g. http://naturewatch.org.nz/listed_taxa/5234742)
 If, as I have suggested to Rod
 in private email, he includes material
 (or links to) Wikipedia and Wikidata, the less-anecdotal,
 sourced,  facts can be added to the former.
 [As It is, I did so
 earlier today, for the
 species in question, and have just added your
 new source as a citation].
 Andy Mabbett
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