[Taxacom] Important note Re: two names online published - one new species

Adam Cotton adamcot at cscoms.com
Wed Jan 27 02:43:41 CST 2016

For the Taxacom record, I received my printed copy of Systematic Entomology, 
41 (1) today. Presumably it was actually published at least a few days ago, 
since it was posted in Singapore to my address in Chiang Mai, Thailand, 
which may take up to a week. I suggest that the eleswhere mentioned date of 
January 23rd may be the correct date of publication.

The Pohl & Beutel paper is the last one in the issue, and is paginated 
287-297. Notably, in the Contents on the back cover all 14 of the other 
papers have a "First published online [date in 2015] statement in the 
listing, whereas this paper does not have any such statement either on the 
Contents page, or in the actual paper. I would suggest that this paper is 
actually only available from the printed edition, and any re-publication 
online versions were not meant to be Code compliant.


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