[Taxacom] Important note Re: two names online published - one new species

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Thanks, Adam.

Sometimes people seem to forget that paper-based publication is still allowable under the Code; and, in fact, it is the explicit intention of some journals to ensure that the paper edition is the version that is published in the sense of the Code.  It would be nice if Journals were more open about which edition is intended to be Code-compliant.  But it's sort of funny to think that, just a few short years ago, Code-compliant electronic publication was considered a rare exception to an otherwise paper-dominated realm.  Now it seems that the table has begun to turn such that establishing availability through the paper edition is seen as the exception.  I guess we could call that progress.


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> For the Taxacom record, I received my printed copy of Systematic
> Entomology,
> 41 (1) today. Presumably it was actually published at least a few days ago,
> since it was posted in Singapore to my address in Chiang Mai, Thailand,
> which may take up to a week. I suggest that the eleswhere mentioned date
> of January 23rd may be the correct date of publication.
> The Pohl & Beutel paper is the last one in the issue, and is paginated 287-297.
> Notably, in the Contents on the back cover all 14 of the other papers have a
> "First published online [date in 2015] statement in the listing, whereas this
> paper does not have any such statement either on the Contents page, or in
> the actual paper. I would suggest that this paper is actually only available
> from the printed edition, and any re-publication online versions were not
> meant to be Code compliant.
> Adam.
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