[Taxacom] Query: any taxa above genus level honouring scientists?

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Thu Jan 28 11:41:14 CST 2016

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Subject: [Taxacom] Query: any taxa above genus level honouring scientists?

> Hi all,
> I am posting this on behalf of a colleague who wishes to remain
> anonymous.   Is anyone aware of examples of taxa *above* than the genus
> level where the name explicitly honours a distinguished scientist?  Names
> typified explicitly or implicitly do *not* count for these proposes
> ("Bloggsidae" does not count if it is named such because the type genus is
> "Bloggsia", which was named after Joe Bloggs).   It does *not* matter here
> whether the taxon had an explicit rank, or no.
> Best,

At least at the Family group name stage separately formed honorifics would 
always be excluded under the ICZN Code, since these names are always formed 
by taking the stem of the type genus name.

Names above Family group are not regulated by the ICZN Code, so it is 
possible that higher names may have been proposed to honour distinguished 
scientists, since those names do not have to be formed from the "type 
Family" name.


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