[Taxacom] ZooBank revisionism!

Richard Pyle deepreef at bishopmuseum.org
Sat Jan 30 17:57:42 CST 2016

Hi Stephen,

You are correct: ZooBank has been revised. In response to the recent kerfuffle, and to save myself some time in cases where people want to know when an archive has been added to the ZooBank record (if, indeed, the consensus ends up being to go with the “work is available when all criteria have been fulfilled” approach), I have changed the ZooBank website to display the date & time on which the record was updated to show the Online Archive has been added.  So, if you look at the Sys. Ent. Record (http://zoobank.org/94AA9CFD-6807-409B-BCC0-863D0AACA0CC), you’ll see it listed as:
“CLOCKSS (added: Jan 29 2016 10:02AM UTC) [http://www.clockss.org]”

This is NOT a permanent solution! However, it should address the immediate concern, and (perhaps) save me more time in the long run than it took me to add this stop-gap feature.  If our pending grant proposal to expand ZooBank functionality is awarded, we will dramatically improve the overall site, including this feature.


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> Following on from the previous thread in which we established that no
> archival information had been added to the ZooBank record for the journal
> Systematic Entomology, somebody (not me, as Rich can confirm) has in the
> last few days added the missing information! This act of "revisionism" now
> makes it look like all articles in this journal were compliant with the
> Amendment when published online first, which they were not! I don't like this
> at all!
> Stephen

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