[Taxacom] Symposium "Evolution meets Ecology" (Nov 18-20, Leipzig University, Germany)

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Thu Jul 14 14:56:59 CDT 2016

Dear colleagues,

it is our pleasure to announce the 58th Phylogenetic Symposium
„Evolution meets Ecology“
which will take place in Leipzig, November 18-20, 2016. 
Both ecology and evolution try to understand the diversity of life, including the diversity of species, their genetic inventory, the diversity of functions, interactions and communities; how species and communities evolve, expand, and demise. We aim at highlighting recent achievements in evolutionary ecology, their impact on phylogenetics and biodiversity research, and vice versa.

Confirmed invited speakers are: 

Erica Edwards (Providence, Rhode Island): The mega-phylogeny approach to big evolutionary questions: are we ready for an ‘automated natural history’?

Catherine Graham (Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL): Linking patterns and processes across scales: a case study with Neotropical hummingbirds

Susanne Fritz (Frankfurt): Macroevolution meets macroecology: diversification, biogeography, and the evolution of ecological niches in birds

Alexandre Antonelli (Göteborg): Teasing apart the ecological and environmental drivers of diversification

Susanne Renner (Munich): Do trees and shrubs of North America, Europe, and Asia have different winter chilling and spring warming requirements? Insights from experiments, monitoring, and phylogenies

Marten Winter (Leipzig/Halle): Phylogenetic diversity: A biodiversity facet under threat – insights from invasion ecology and nature conservation

Christoph Bleidorn (Madrid): Understanding Wolbachia-arthropod symbiosis using comparative genomic analyses

Christian Lexer (Vienna): Plant evolutionary genomics: speciation continuum and beyond

Poster presentations by students and postdocs are welcome. The deadline for abstract submission is September 15, 2016. Please submit your abstracts directly to Martin Schlegel: schlegel at rz.uni-leipzig.de

Registration can be done online, and is free of charge.
We hope to see you soon here in Leipzig!

Kind regards

Alexandra Muellner-Riehl and Martin Schlegel
Leipzig University

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