[Taxacom] Zoologist Philippi in the Med

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Thanks Michael and others,

Other links;

> Have you checked this site, which includes a short biography?
> http://paleopolis.rediris.es/benthos/SCI/Philippi/Philippi.html
> I see that it includes a reference to a 185 page biography (1904) if a
> copy of it might be tracked down...

And the book link from another person is:


For myself I found:


which includes analysis of where the Italian molluscs were collected.

All together a picture of a talented & productive person, with a long
life. About 450 scientific papers were published, in several languages. He
spoke a perfect English, French, German, Italian, Greek, Latin and


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Maybe you find a bit of relevant information here:

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Am 06.07.2016 um 02:00 schrieb Geoff Read:
> Dear colleagues,
> Rudolphus Amandus Philippi, 1808 – 1904
> I am looking for information on where Philippi was based when he moved
> from Germany to the Mediterranean. Later he moved to Chile. He wrote
> on Sicilian Mollusca and also a Handbuch der Conchyliologie und
> Malacozoologie (1853), in there stating he was Member of the Academy
> Sciences of Naples, Turin, but giving his then address (Oct 1851) as
> on board the brig Bonito, off Cape Horn.
> He wrote an article on serpulid tubeworms of the Mediterranean, but
> gives no locations. I guess Naples is most likely where he was based,
> but guessing is not good enough & some further info would be useful.
> Thanks,

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