[Taxacom] What is Garsault's (1764) Noctua caprimulgus today?

Stephen Thorpe stephen_thorpe at yahoo.co.nz
Wed Jul 20 16:13:35 CDT 2016

Well, Paul, *I* was just saying it as it is, not taking a cheap shot. What are you doing? Besides, the context here is zoological nomenclature, and I explicitly referred only to Alain's ideas on that subject. You butted in with a more general statement about me, which is therefore of highly dubious relevance and intent. I would challenge you to specify any ideas of mine *on zoological nomenclature*, which you consider to be of a dubious or whacky nature. Up to the challenge, are you??

Cheers, Stephen :)

On Wed, 20/7/16, Paul van Rijckevorsel <dipteryx at freeler.nl> wrote:

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 > But note that many of Alain's ideas on zoological
 nomenclature are his 
 > alone ...
 But so are many of Stephen Thorpe's ideas his alone ...
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