[Taxacom] IRMNG is moving...

Doug Yanega dyanega at ucr.edu
Thu Jul 21 02:22:39 CDT 2016

On 7/21/16 12:06 AM, Tony Rees wrote:
> On 21 July 2016 at 12:59, Stephen Thorpe <stephen_thorpe at yahoo.co.nz> wrote:
>> I wonder if all those alleged homonyms have been verified for availability
>> according to the Code? If a name is not available, then it cannot enter
>> into homonymy.
Conversely, even a primary junior homonym can still be available, if it 
fulfills conditions of either Article 23.9.5 or Article 57.2; you have 
to CHECK before you use a replacement. There are FAR too many people who 
automatically replace primary homonyms, even though this practice goes 
against the Code.


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