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One example that I am concerned about involves the alleged homonymy of Chaetosoma, replaced by Opitz (2014), but has implications for the availability of the family name CHAETOSOMATIDAE. There is little or nothing to suggest that Chaetosoma Dejean, 1835 is an available name, and the other homonymys have already been dealt with by the ICZN.

Opitz, W. 2014: Morphologic studies of the alimentary canal and internal reproductive organs of the Chaetosomatidae and the Cleridae (Coleoptera: Cleroidea) with comparative morphology and taxonomic analyses. Insecta mundi, (0342) http://journals.fcla.edu/mundi/article/view/82749

ICZN 2011: OPINION 2287 (Case 3513) Chaetosoma Westwood, 1851, Apodasya Pascoe, 1863 and CHAETOSOMATIDAE Crowson, 1952 (Insecta, Coleoptera): usage conserved. Bulletin of zoological nomenclature, 68(4): 303-305.


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 >> I
 wonder if all those alleged homonyms have been verified for
 >> according to the Code?
 If a name is not available, then it cannot enter
 >> into homonymy.
 Conversely, even a primary junior homonym can
 still be available, if it 
 conditions of either Article 23.9.5 or Article 57.2; you
 to CHECK before you use a replacement.
 There are FAR too many people who 
 automatically replace primary homonyms, even
 though this practice goes 
 against the
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