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Rick McNeill juniper.botany at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 22:07:45 CDT 2016


I recently looked at the JSTOR Global Plants website.  This seems like a
great resource, except that they expect you to pay to see the type images
as anything other than a thumbnail.

I believe the collections and the images were created with public funds or
belong to public institutions.

Supposedly all of the images are available at the original institutions.

I found listings for images of nine type specimen on the website and then
tried to find them at the original institution.

Here are my results:

*Herbarium code     Species                    Availability*
VT                           Cicuta mexicana     Not available
US                           C. mexicana           Yes
MEXU                      C. mexicana           Not available
NY                           C. mexicana           Yes
P                              C. bulbifera             Not available
LINN                        C. bulbifera             Low quality image
B                              C. bulbifera             Not available
PH                            C. bulbifera            Not available
BM                           C. bulbifera             Not available

I admit that I only put a couple hours into this and it is possible that I
may not have found some images that are actually available, but I feel like
I should have been able to find more than three of the nine images for
which I was searching.

Am I just not finding the images?


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Feral Botanist
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