[Taxacom] The Plant List confusions do we have some experts who can influence improvement

Quentin Groom quentin.groom at plantentuinmeise.be
Sat Jun 4 07:20:56 CDT 2016

Dear Gurcharan,

The PlantList is a derived database constructed from a number of different
sources. It is not an actively curated list, but has been created twice
from the source databases. I have heard that there is no intention to
create a third version, but it will be eventually be replaced as part of
the World Flora Online project. I'm not involved with either project, so
this information could be wrong.

You need to direct your corrections to the undying databases that the
PlantList was create from. The links are provided by the Plantlist. For
your examples you should send your corrections to the Global Compositae
Checklist (http://compositae.landcareresearch.co.nz/).
I don't know how responsive this group is to corrections, but I've always
been very happy with the response from IPNI when I've sent them corrections.


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On 4 June 2016 at 11:40, Gurcharan Singh <singhg45 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear friends
> I have been repeatedly writing to the managers of The Plant List with long
> lists of corrections, but perhaps nothing is improving. Can some members
> here make them to improve the situation. Here is the letter I wrote them
> today:
> ------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: Gurcharan Singh <singhg45 at gmail.com>
> Date: Sat, Jun 4, 2016 at 3:05 PM
> Subject: The Plant List confusions
> To: tpl_edit <editors at theplantlist.org>
> Dear Sir,
> I have already sent more than 10 communications to you, but perhaps things
> have not improved. I think the managers of The Plant List have to sink in
> the realization that after INdex kewensis, this is the largest database
> that taxonomists, agriculturists, Floriculturists, etc. all over the World
> want to rely on, but unfortunately the glaring errors don't allow them to
> do so. The list of unresolved names (when most of these are being used in
> Floras all over the World) is doing no credit, just showing your
> helplessness. Two accepted names for the same taxon, a combination without
> basionym as synonym, is something which taxonomic world will only laugh at.
> I am pointing out a few glaring ones.
> 1. Dimorphotheca fruticosum (L.) Norl. is listed accepted name but no
> mention of name bearing basionym (of which L. is the author). To make
> things worse even Dimorphotheca fruticosa (L.) Less., is also listed as
> accepted name with luckily Calendula fruticosa L. as one of the synonyms.
> 2. Osteospermum jucundum (E. Phillips) Norl. is listed as accepted name
> with no mention of synonym, whereas its its basionym Dimorphotheca is also
> listed as accepted name.
>      There are thousands of such mistakes which need to be corrected for
> the sake of taxonomy. You can always involve more experts to do the job
> instead of just leaving it on data accumulators who do job manually with no
> supervision.
>    I hope things improve and we are able to tell the world we have a
> reliable database.
> Dr. Gurcharan Singh
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