[Taxacom] listserv problems?

Stan Schultz schultz at ucalgary.ca
Wed Jun 22 10:03:14 CDT 2016

Karl -

On 2016-06-21 20:06, Karl Magnacca wrote:
> For some reason I seem to have gotten invisibly bumped from Taxacom
> somehow.  I thought it was just quiet until I realized I hadn't
> gotten a digest in some time, and found the last one I got was May
> 23.  The online manager shows me still subscribed at the correct
> address, with messages enabled (I certainly didn't make any changes
> myself, and they're not in spam), but somehow they just stopped
> coming.  Wondering if anyone else is in the same situation, and
> perhaps also not aware of it?  Obviously they're not going to get
> this either...

Summer doldrums. We're all busy tying up loose ends, giving or taking
final exams, defending theses, and preparing for a holiday.

See you in September. Oh, wait! That title's already been taken. Sorry.

Stan (The Lurker) Schultz

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