[Taxacom] German press inquiry - book "50 unknown species"

Schröder schroeder.tim at t-online.de
Mon Mar 14 11:54:14 CDT 2016

Dear all,

I am a freelancing German science writer and biologist by profession.

At present I am working on a book that is intended to tell 50 portraits of hardly known species (animals).

The intention is to tell the reader there is much more in the world than main predators, elephants, rhinos and dolphins. More than killing, mating and foraging.
Moreover I intend to tell the reader there is a fascinating world outside that is worth being protected.

My question is: May I be so bold to ask you to spread the word to other scientists via EvolDir?

Is anyone out there who knows species that are unique, pretty unknown and somehow fascinating to the general audience.

Besides I would like tell some anecdotes from the fieldwork that are linked to a certain species - being lost in the desert while doing a survey or being stuck in the mood while chasing an insect or whatsoever…

A fascinating blend of fieldwork and diversity.

My first ideas are the stinking ant (Paltothyreus tarsatus) and the Demodex family that is closely linked to man and still hardly known.

I would be happy if you could send me one or two ideas.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
best Tim

Tim Schroeder
Science Writer
Hackenweg 79a
D - 26127 Oldenburg
53°10' 1.5'' N 8°12' 37.5'' E
www.schroeder-tim.de <http://www.schroeder-tim.de/>
Tel. 0049/441/9833238

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