[Taxacom] Horticultural nomenclature question from wikipedia

Nadia Talent nadia.talent at utoronto.ca
Tue Mar 22 12:31:13 CDT 2016

Dear colleagues,

People working on wikipedia’s coverage of basic taxonomic nomenclature terminology have got into a tangle with the horticultural terms, and I wonder if anyone here can advise. No-one contributing there so far has the necessary understanding of how the nomenclature sessions of the International Horticultural Congress are conducted. Answers to the following would be very helpful, if available:

Is a new ICNCP to be expected soon, or did IHC2014 decide not to change the code?
If nomenclature decisions were made, is there a publication that can be referred to while we await the new edition (perhaps the pre-congress 2013 volume 7 of Hanburyana, which lists proposals)?

Nadia Talent
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Royal Ontario Museum,
Green Plant Herbarium (TRT),
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