[Taxacom] another predator evasion strategy?

Kenneth Kinman kinman at hotmail.com
Mon May 2 17:24:11 CDT 2016

 Hi All,        It always amazes me how many different ways evolution has promoted the survival of some animals with predator evasion (by startling) built into their physiology.  Eyespots are one common form (especially in birds and butterflies). But it never occurred to me that male Greater Sage-grouse might employ something similar, at least in some circumstances.                 For instance, let's say you are a young, inexperienced predator (such as a coyote or young hawk).  If you hadn't seen one before, wouldn't the sight of a displaying male Greater Sage-Grouse be a bit of a "stop-in-your-tracks" shock (at least long enough for it to escape).  With its head camouflaged and largely hidden, it looks like some kind of bug-eyed monster: 
The first one in particular made me think of James Joyce's phrase "poached eyes on ghost".                         -----------------Ken


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