[Taxacom] taxonomy and David Attenborough's 90th birthday

KD Dijkstra kd.dijkstra at naturalis.nl
Mon May 9 11:02:16 CDT 2016

Dear colleagues,

Yesterday was Sir David Attenborough's 90th birthday. I was honoured to fly
the (dragonfly) flag for taxonomy during the celebrations and speak for natural
history in an associated article in the journal Nature titled "Restore our
sense of species".

In the comment I argue that natural history and taxonomy, which I suggest
to unite under a single name, are critical to provide a moral counterweight
to Earth's runaway exploitation: intact biodiversity is the embodiment of
sustainability. Expanding and sharing our consciousness of other species,
which can be said to be medieval now, is one of the greatest challenges of
our time.

The Nature
 paper is open access. Sir David was presented with his dragonfly species on
the BBC One "Attenborough at 90
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMDnPUXTcdc&feature=youtu.be>" (two minute
video) programme last night.

I hope we can carry the message further, so please share this as widely as
you wish!

Best wishes, KD


Klaas-Douwe 'KD' B. Dijkstra (research associate)
Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden, The Netherlands
Conservation Ecology and Entomology, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

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