[Taxacom] ICZN - gender of genus-group name ending in -ops

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Mandatory perhaps, but at least most/all lepidopterists ignore gender agreement. Anyway, my point was really that I can foresee "prevailing usage" becoming more important in future editions of the Code, so it might be prudent to hold back on making changes now that may be somewhat premature. Also, since gender determines spelling, and spelling is currently covered under "prevailing usage" provisions, things are perhaps not so clear! For example, gender disagreement does not appear to be listed under: 

32.5. Spellings that must be corrected (incorrect original spellings).


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 > Hi Margaret,
 > I would say that the
 gender is unambiguously masculine according to Art. 30.1
 (particularly However, the Code is generally
 increasing in ambiguity/vagueness overall, particularly in
 relation to maintaining "current usage". My own
 approach is to maintain "current usage" in such
 cases, but to note the potential nomenclatural problem. In
 other words, I think that it is better to note such
 problems, rather than to try to "fix" them
 oneself, particularly since it can influence "current
 usage" in ways which might make things even less clear.
 Given that it is a rather minor issue, we can live with the
 problem, but hopefully, one day, the ICZN might sort it out
 once and for all.
 of the portions of the Code that make reference to
 usage" apply to
 gender. Compliance with gender agreement is mandatory, 
 not subject to "usage", and not even
 always dependent on the original 
 author's assignment of gender.
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