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I try to send this message a fourth time, as a reply to Mike Ivie’s message of yesterday:

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Or, if we, for a moment, look beyond the North Atlantic:

“That is, insofar as Australian butterflies are concerned, the ‘experiment’ to abandon the gender agreement has failed, in large part because the ruling was not dismissed in the most recent (fourth) edi­tion of the Code (ICZN 1999). Almost all entomological and taxonomic journals in Australia, as well as some conservation journals, do not follow the original spelling of names and have reverted to using the names in Common and Waterhouse (1981). Consequently, there is currently no stability in the scientific names used to designate Australian butterflies, and there is confusion as to what is the ‘correct’ nomenclature or best system of names that should be adopted, with some authors and editors of Australian popular and scientific publica­tions following Common and Waterhouse (1981) (i.e. purportedly in line with the recommendations of the ICZN) and others following Braby (2000) (i.e. in line with the wider Lepidoptera community).”

From Braby 2010: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Michael_Braby/publication/283469525_The_merging_of_taxonomy_and_conservation_biology_a_synthesis_of_Australian_butterfly_systematics_%28Lepidoptera_Hesperioidea_and_Papilionoidea%29_for_the_21st_century/links/563979e208ae4624b75f024f.pdf


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