[Taxacom] Hierarchical clustering techniques appropriate in this case?

Jorge A. Santiago-Blay blayjorge at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 10:43:51 CST 2016

Hierarchical clustering techniques appropriate in this case?

Dear Colleagues:

I have a big dataset (over 150 cases) of old books on topic A. For each
book, some 20 characteristics (mostly pertaining to their contents) have
been collected. I would like to generate a little "phylogeny" of these
books. My first thought was to use standard phylogenetic techniques yet in
discussing the matters with colleagues in statistics they suggested to use
hierarchical clustering techniques.

If you have any recommendations on the matter, could you send it directly
to me?

blayjorge at gmail.com

Apologies for potential duplicate emails.



Jorge A. Santiago-Blay, PhD

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