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Hi Alain,
Would you let us know where we can order the latest numbers of Dumerilia? The Dumerilia webpage offers them up to no. 6. http://dumerilia.wifeo.com/boutique-tag-dumerilia.html Is there another place where we can find the later issues?


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Dear all,

The issue 10 of the journal Dumerilia was published on 11 November. It contains the following papers:

Mark. H. V. Van Regenmortel. Classes, taxa and categories in hierarchical virus classification: a review of current debates on definitions and names of virus species. (p. 1-21).

Alain Dubois, Thierry Frétey & Annemarie Ohler. The nomenclatural status of the amphibian nomina published by Luuc Bauer from 1985 to 1994, with comments on the Rules of the Code concerning the techniques of printing.
(p. 22-54).

Michail Rusin, Maria Ghazali & Maria Semenikhina. Notes on the nomenclature of Sicista Griffith, 1827 (Rodentia: Sminthidae). (p. 55-60).

Stephen D. Busack, Alfredo Salvador, Aaron M. Bauer & Hinrich Kaiser.
Darevskia and Iberolacerta (Reptilia, Lacertidae): Arribas, 1997 or 1999?
The correct dating of nomenclatural acts affecting Palearctic lizards, and validation of the name Caucasilacerta Harris, Arnold & Thomas, 1998. (p.

Ross Wellington. Acanthophis cryptamydros Maddock, Ellis, Doughty, Smith & Wüster, 2015 is an invalid junior synonym of Acanthophis lancasteri Wells & Wellington, 1985 (Squamata, Elapidae). (p. 74-75).

The journal Dumerilia welcomes papers in all fields of biological terminology and nomenclature.

Best wishes,

Alain Dubois
Emeritus Professor
Bionomina Chief Editor


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>    1. What is the relative prevalence of different classes of
>       synonymy, in plants? (Ross Mounce)
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> Subject: [Taxacom] What is the relative prevalence of different
>         classes of synonymy, in plants?
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> Hello TAXACOM'ers,
> In the context of plants, and using terminology from Remsen 2016 (The 
> use and limits of scientific names in biological informatics)
> http://zookeys.pensoft.net/articles.php?id=6234
> I was wondering if anyone had data (or knew of a source to cite) on 
> the relative proportion of name changes that are due to:
> a) orthographic, lexical or nomenclatural synonyms
> and
> b) taxonomic synonyms
> When applied to conservation biology e.g. IUCN Red List assessments, 
> if a name is merely an orthographic, lexical or nomenclatural synonym 
> there is no detrimental outcome on the validity of the original Red 
> List assessment.
> However, if the name (and taxon concept) under which the RL assessment 
> was published is now considered a taxonomic synonym - this can and 
> often does invalidate the Red List assessment of that taxon for many purposes.
> If I wrote "Most synonymies are simply name changes from one genus to 
> another genus, or a change of the gender of species name, without 
> changing the underlying taxon circumscription"  would I be correct? 
> Does anyone have data or published sources which provide hard evidence on this?
> The Plant List is wonderful for determining if something is a synonym, 
> but I wonder if in future iterations we could further annotate all 
> synonyms with the exact type of synonym they are e.g. orthographic, 
> nomenclatural or taxonomic -- it really matters! If anyone knows of an 
> information resource that can do this, please let me know.
> Best,
> Ross
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> University of Cambridge www.rossmounce.co.uk 
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