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There is no provision in the Code for conservation of usage of family-group names not based on a type genus. If we ignore this breach of fundamental Code rules, we risk opening the floodgates to an anything goes attitude. I will do what I can to flag the problem on Wikipedia.

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 Hi all,
        I just learned that Family
 Tetrapterygidae was proposed by Chatterjee (2015) in the 2nd
 Edition of The Rise of Birds.  And it even has its own
 Wikipedia page:    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetrapterygidae
        The trouble is
 there is apparently no genus Tetrapteryx in this family. 
 The genus Tetrapteryx was proposed about 200 years ago for a
 genus of cranes.  Should we just ignore such a breach of
 nomenclatural rules or should it be formally suppressed
 before more people start using in classifications (as in the
 Wikipedia article).
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