[Taxacom] Software for curating taxonomic/biological/specimen information

Barry Roth barry_roth at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 30 21:36:17 CST 2016

For over a decade I have used the CSIRO program BioLink to curate taxonomic, specimen, biogeographic, and bibliographic information.  CSIRO long ago stopped supporting the program, but I have found it useful and by now have committed a great amount of information to the system.  My most recent change of computers, however, has got me into Windows 10, on which BioLink will not run -- unless I am missing some hack that will allow it to do so.
Do you have any suggestion for another piece of software that would work for these same tasks?  I back up the BioLink content into a giant Excel spreadsheet regularly so the data is literally preserved, but this or course does not have the relational aspects of BioLink nor its reporting capabilities.  I need to be able to track collection specimens (and institutions, or course), with their usual data; localities georeferenced; a flexible taxonomy that can be edited (e.g. by drag-and-drop) as science marches ahead; references; and pretty much all the types of information that practical taxonomy requires us to manage.
An alternative that would not require me to enter all my saved information piecemeal would be best, of course.

All thoughts welcome,

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