[Taxacom] Cancer curing wasp

John Grehan calabar.john at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 17:52:58 CDT 2016

Dear colleagues,

Here is a question that is not so much about taxonomy, but perhaps someone
on this list is familiar with this topic concerning the wasp Polybia
palulista. There are is some recent published work suggesting cancer curing
properties and a youtube link is below. I am asking just out of general
curiosity, if anyone knows the conservation status of the insect and how
widespread its distribution.

A friend of mine, who does not trust the pharmaceutical industry (and for
good reason) offered the following assessment "My Prediction:
pharmaceutical companies will most likely try too harness this venom ,
experiment and mass produce it..while monsanto will try too systematically
destroy the species through pesticides..therefore making the cure only
available through a monopoly of greed ..and the earth loses a natural
remedy and species of insect."

Comment for or against equally of interest. Thanks.
John Grehan


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