[Taxacom] New taxonomy in Nature's Scientific Reports

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Hi Geoff,
Well, I'm not sure about "major high-profile ones", as it doesn't really matter to me which journals are involved. I think though that there are ample problems with many of the "usual efirst-then-print ones". Many journals appear to (rather opaquely) publish in 3 steps: (1) efirst without allocation to an issue; followed by (2) efirst publication of final print version; followed by (3) actual physical printing of final print version. It is (3) which is nomenclaturally the most important if the ZooBank preregistration hasn't been done properly (often due to lack of a stated archive in the ZooBank record, which hardly anyone bothers to check!), but it is also the hardest date to determine, particularly since there will be fewer subscriptions for print editions as most libraries slowly go digital only. Potentially, it also creates another problem whereby it may still be necessary to pay for hard copy subscriptions just to determine true publication dates, even though everything else might be already paid for open access and available digitally!

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 you name those journals?  I'm interested if there are
 other major
 online-only high-profile
 ones   The usual efirst-then-print ones (Hello
 JMBA UK) I don't care about, although
 they're a pain in the butt to track
 the articles are really published, and the names become
 As evident from
 the thread yes indeed there are people who don't know
 constitutes Code-valid publication. 
 But Nature staff should know.
 Yes, the web site seems to have a pdf
 invisibility problem at the moment -
 I used
 ResearchGate instead.
 On Sat,
 October 1, 2016 6:11 pm, Stephen Thorpe wrote:
 > This isn't a big deal! There are only
 less than a handful of articles with
 new taxa. It was up to the authors to ensure Code
 compliance. The website
 > seems odd,
 though, and I can't seem to find a way to get a pdf of
 any of
 > the articles! Anyway, there are
 plenty of other journals publishing more
 > new taxa than this one, all without valid
 ZooBank preregistration!
 > Stephen
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 [Taxacom] New taxonomy in Nature's Scientific Reports
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 5:57 PM
 >  Has
 anyone here published taxonomy in
 "Scientific Reports", Nature's
 >  online-only open access journal?  Why
 aren't they
 >  registering new taxa
 >  ZooBank for authors?
 >  Twitter thread
 about the issue:
 >  Geoff
 >  --
 >  Geoffrey B.
 Read, Ph.D.
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