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Cunha, A. and W. E. Kerr. 1957. A genetical theory to explain
sex-determination by arrhenotokous parthenogenesis. Forma et Functio
1:33-36, sometimes cited as 1(4):33-36.

In my opinion, this paper has been cited quite too often with equal 
(though insufficient) details to be dismissed as perhaps/probably 

Despite not being a librarian, nor even a zoologist, I may hopefully 
still be able to lead the search in the right direction:

The Journal name in the citation above is NOT identical with the journal 
"Forma et Functio", Pergamon Press (Oxford) and Vieweg 
(Braunschweig/Germany), ISSN 0015-7716, of which 8 volumes have been 
issued between 1969 and 1975, and which has subsequently been 
discontinued. I have personally checked these 8 volumes, despite the 
evidently different dates, with no avail, of course.

Apparently, another "Forma et Functio" existed as a subtitle, or perhaps 
as a "part 1", included in the issues of the journal "Folia 
Biotheoretica", also known by the enormously long name "Professor Dokter 
Jan van der Hoeven Stichting voor Theoretische Biologie van Dier en 
Mens", of Leiden University, Publisher Brill in The Hague, Netherlands, 
ISSN 0920-2676, issued in volumes 1/1936, 2/1937, 3/1948, 4/1949, 5/1960 
and 6/1966. Starting with vol. 7/1978, issues of "Folia Biotheoretica" 
have been added as supplements to still another journal, "Acta 
Biotheoretica" ISSN 0001-5342.

I have not (yet) been able to check these volumes (I do not have the 
time to do that at this time), but volume 5, finalized (?) in 1960, 
perhaps with contributions assembled over time, seems to be a good 
candidate. the "1(4)" in the citation above could well mean "part 1, 
issue 4" (of Folia Biotheoretica vol.5) ?.

With all these details, I hope that a copy of the searched for article 
can now be successfully located.

Best regards
Friedrich Lauria
Dept. of Botany
Museum of Natural History
Burgring 7
AT-1010 Vienna/Austria

Am 04.10.2016 15:21, schrieb Spencer Monckton:
> Two observations:
> 1. Your citation contains a typo. The paper's title should read: " A
> genetical theory to explain sex-determination by *arrhenotokous *
> parthenogenesis."
> 2. There are several cases where this paper was cited from 1957, but the
> only library catalogues I can find that list the journal Forma et Functio
> indicate that volume 1 was published in 1969 (e.g.:
> http://www.worldcat.org/title/forma-et-functio/oclc/1569798).
> Is it possible that the correct citation is as follows?
> Cunha, A. and W. E. Kerr. 1969. A genetical theory to explain
>> sex-determination by arrhenotokous parthenogenesis. Forma et Functio
>> 1(4):33-36.
> Best of luck,
> Spencer
> On 3 October 2016 at 15:57, Jorge A. Santiago-Blay <blayjorge at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Dear Colleagues:
>> Two major library searches by two different institutions and years of
>> looking by a very competent librarian, still unable to find the reference
>> below:
>> Cunha, A. and W. E. Kerr. 1957. A genetical theory to explain
>> sex-determination by arrhenotocous parthenogenesis.Forma et functio
>> 1(4):___-___.
>> Does anyone have this reference? More broadly, does this reference exist?
>> If anyone has a constructive suggestion, please email it to me directly,
>> blayjorge at gmail.com
>> Gratefully,
>> Jorge
>> P.S. Apologies for potentially duplicate emails.
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