[Taxacom] multiple authors new species

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> I have a feeling that if you use paper with multiple authors for 
> reference,
> is the best to cite all authors.
> If you use just for an identification label , use "etal"
> Regards
> Vratislav

If you cite a multiple-authored paper in your own publication you can use 
"et al." in the text but cite all authors in the References section. Often a 
multiple author taxon name was described in a paper with even more authors, 
some of whom were not authors of the new name (eg. A, B & E in A, B, C, D & 
E, 2016), and rarely one of the co-authors of a new taxon is not even one of 
the co-authors of the paper  (eg. A & Z in A, B, C, D & E, 2016).

For a specimen label just cite the taxon authors and year, and it is 
acceptable to use "et al." in the label rather than a long string of author 


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