[Taxacom] Costelytra zealandica - Epic fail!

Michael A. Ivie mivie at montana.edu
Fri Oct 14 18:46:27 CDT 2016

We need people to  understand and internalize that maintaining 
established usage in a complex case is the height of scholarship, and 
having to change it is a failure of scholarship.  Yes, sometimes there 
is no way out, but searching for a way to promote stability is the path 
of righteousness.


On 10/14/2016 5:33 PM, Stephen Thorpe wrote:
> Hi all,
> FYI, an unfortunate article has just been published:
> Coca-Abia, M.M.; Romero-Samper, J. 2016: Establishment of the identity of Costelytra zealandica (White 1846) (Coleoptera: Scarabeidae: Melolonthinae) a species commonly known as the New Zealand grass grub. New Zealand entomologist, doi: 10.1080/00779962.2016.1230254
> This article attempts to change the name of one of N.Z.'s most significant insect pests! There is absolutely no need for the name to be changed. Art. 75.6 ( http://www.nhm.ac.uk/hosted-sites/iczn/code/index.jsp?article=75 ) of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature should instead be invoked to maintain prevailing usage of the name Costelytra zealandica, and prevailing usage maintained until the Commission makes a ruling!
> My opinions will probably be ignored around here, so I hope others will get involved to try to clean up this mess! We really don't want people renaming well entrenched names when doing so is not necessary!
> Stephen
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