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There are two sources.  For herbaria, go to Index herbariorum http://sweetgum.nybg.org/science/ih/. For other natural history collections try the Global Registry of Biodiversity collections. http://grbio.org/. Records from Index herbariorum are pulled into GRBIO followed by <IH>. Many herbaria that are a part of a museum have a separate code for the herbarium, For instance, EA means the East African Herbarium which is now part of National Museums Kenya for which the preferred code is NMK.  Some codes, such as UTC, are duplicated in the two lists. In the world of herbaria, UTC means the Intermountain Herbarium of Utah State University. To 
Zoologists, it means the University of Tennessee - Chattanooga. In GIBF, UTC the herbarium has to be USU-UTC. In GRBIO it is UTC<IH>. IH does not register personal collections. It is for research herbaria. The advent of digitization has meant that the specimens in many more herbaria are now being used in research. Some have not been asked to register with IH.  I do ask that they do so. 

Registering with both organizations is free. For GRBIO, it is necessary first to register a staff member. Both rely on those connected with entry to ensure the information is updated as needed. If anyone reading this and in charge of a collection has not checked their entry for a year or more, I encourage them to do so and to request (IH)/make (GRBIO) any changes needed. For herbaria, make them in IH. They will be imported to GRBIO.   

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I don't suppose there is any consensus on 'standard' natural history museum or institutional collection abbreviations for the world, but would be interested in opinion as what migh the most widely used format listed on the web. In an article I will be defining abbreviations so its not critical, but familiar usage would be desirable where possible.


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